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Annalee Hamilton, daughter of Amy and Zach Hamilton, on Wednesday, September 9.

Thomas Herring (Harry) Howell, son of Frances and Jay Howell, on Tuesday, July 14.

Saylor Tate Mitchell, daughter of Roddy and Tessa Mitchell, on Tuesday, June 30.


Ann Hyland Frances Cleveland, daughter of Victoria and Tee Cleveland, on Sunday, August 30

Margaret Myers Schmid, daughter of Carter and Stephanie Schmid, on Saturday, June 27


Katie Hays and Chris Culvern on Friday, July 3

Bill Roach, Jr. and Abby Corbitt on Saturday, June 6

William Ewell and Grace Malone on Saturday, May 16

New Members

Ryan Shanks on Sunday, September 20

John and Audra Kapsaroff on Sunday, August 30

Sarah Shanks on Sunday, August 30

2020 Confirmation Class: Lucy Addicks, Mason Bagley, Sarah Benko, Tate Carty, Alex Ewell, Lana Grace Fields, Olivia Katherine King, and Griffin Saunders


Barbara Patterson on Friday, August 7

Patsy Gray on Thursday, July 2

Margo Akerman on Saturday, May 23

Glady Faires on Thursday, May 14 (Signal Mountain, TN)