Local & Regional Ministries

Local & Regional Ministries

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Dear Friends,

  How do you bear witness to the mission of God?  Likely, the answers to that question are as varied as the individuals who ponder them.  The common denominator, however, is that God calls us to become belivevers and sends us into Christ’s service.  Just as God’s love in Christ did not remain in the synagogue, neither should it be left at the door of the church; indeed it should be reflected in authentic, life giving ways.  In that sense, the mission of God is an ever-present reality!  

  Some of the ministry opportunities here at Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church are listed below.  You are welcome and encourged to find a place to serve, not for the sake of serving, but for the sake of Christ!

Grace and Peace,


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Please explore the opportunities below and select the Mission Endeavors link below to begin your journey.

Mission Endeavors

Boy Scouts of America

Our congregation has supported scouting for about 40 years and continues to be the charter organization for Cub Scout Pack 39, which is part of the BSA. Various Scout troops also meet at SHPC.   For more information, please contact Richard Tippens at rtippenssr@hotmail.com (the church liaison with Pack 39) or visit their website at Pack39.net.


Compassion Coalition

Compassion Coalition is a network of followers of Jesus committed to loving and serving those who are suffering and marginalized.  Working together across lines of denomination, culture, and race to inform, equip, and connect believers to transform lives through the love of Christ.  Compassion Coalition does research to discover needs and resources, they offer training to assist churches in building their capacity for service, and they create context to draw area people together to learn, make connections, and collaborate for the good of others.  Please check back for periodic updates.

For more information about Compassion Coalition visit: www.compassioncoalition.com


Emerald Youth Foundation

Emerald Youth Foundation mentors at-risk boys and girls in the heart of Knoxville and walks with them until they are young adults.  Through a comprehensive and Christian ministry of faith, education, and sports programs, conducted in partnership with neighborhood churches, they are helping to create and shape young effective leaders who will make a positive difference in their communities and around the world.  Please check back for periodic updates.

For more information about Emerald Youth Foundation visit: www.emeraldyouth.org

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FISH is a food ministry that is working with communities to end hunger.  FISH is part of Hospitality Pantries, Inc., a non-profit all volunteer organization that currently provides food packages to over 11,000 families each month and from it’s associate locations in Claiborne and Knox counties an additional 2,000 families receive food bags each month.  Help is needed in coordination and food deliveries the third Tuesday of each month at SHPC.  A week prior to delivery day the SHPC Fish coordinator queries volunteers by e-mail and telephone to see who is available to work, and in the meantime, the grocery transport coordinator estimates the number of vehicles will be needed to transport the bags of food to SHPC, and contacts three or four regular drivers who have large vehicles.  On Monday these drivers travel to the West Knox Fish Pantry behind the Church of the Savior where they load the requisite bags and take them to Barron Hall. There they set up the tables and off load the bags.  Also, on Monday the special needs coordinators assess how many special needs products, such as toilet tissue, soaps, diapers, etc., church members have contributed. They then estimate any paper product and toiletry shortages. Volunteer shoppers purchase these products to make up the difference. Tuesday morning after the SHPC Fish phone center fills out request sheets from callers, members of the special needs team collect the specific extra products needed by each family, and they add these to that family’s order.  SHPC volunteers then arrive deliver groceries on the second Tuesday of each month!

Additional service to SHPC’s hunger ministry: Once a year Sequoyah Church is responsible for buying food for the West Knox Food Pantry (a cooperative organization of 16 churches) which we use every month for our Fish deliveries. The tasks involved in stocking the pantry include: purchase the food from various vendors; deliver 10,000 pounds of food to the pantry; assemble each sack of food and place on shelves; clean the pantry; recycle cardboard; and maintain the pantry for the full month of March.

For more information about FISH visit: www.fishpantry.org



SHPC is now making an additional FISH delivery (called Minnows) on the fourth Saturday of every month. Volunteers meet at the food pantry around noon to distribute the food bags, and then make 4-6 deliveries each (1-2 hour commitment) within the Knox County area. You can be paired with another volunteer or deliver food as a family. Please contact Mark Lampley at 522-9804 or mlampley@sequoyahchurch.org“> mlampley@sequoyahchurch.org

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that has helped to build or repair over 600,000 houses for more than 3 million people worldwide.  Their vision is “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”  Through volunteer labor and the donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and rehabilitates homes partnering with their homeowner families.  These families invest hundreds of hours of their own labor into building their Habitat house and the houses of others.

Help will be needed on Saturday build days in Spring of 2014.  Volunteers are also needed to provide lunch for the workers on build days.

For more information about Habitat For Humanity visit: www.Habitat.org

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Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM)

KARM provides daily for those whom are most vulnerable and desperate among us.  They supply rescue services of food and shelter, they build healthy and supportive relationships, and ultimately strive for restoration, which includes job-training opportunities. They feel when rescue is combined with the support and encouragement provided by healthy relationships that reflect the heart of Jesus, then true restoration can occur…restoration to God, self, family, and community.

KARM serves nearly 1,000 meals per day, feeding not only the homeless, but many in crisis who must choose between food and other basic needs.

KARM’s emergency and residential shelter for men, women and families are home to nearly 400 people each night, providing a safe place of encouragement to those in need.

KARM’s Crossroads Welcome Center is an innovative major resource for those caught in the cycle of homelessness, providing direct access to a team of knowledgeable, loving staff and volunteers for help. It also provides services such as telephones, internet, job information boards,storage space, restrooms and appointment meeting space.

KARM’s job training programs in food service through the Abundant Life Kitchens, and in janitorial services through Clean Start, provide the skills to maintain steady employment and break the cycle of homelessness.

KARM’s residential recovery programs help individuals confront the root causes of their homelessness and addictions. In the 12-18 month biblically-based recovery training participants receive spiritual support, case management and counseling, which help them build a relationship with the Master Healer and position them for success.

KARM’s LaunchPoint is a four-week program designed to help homeless men and women begin a new life journey. Ultimately, LaunchPoint is about restoring hope – reconnecting the individual to the dreams that he or she once had but were lost when the individual’s life path went off track. During the four-week period, a class of 20 participants begin discovering God’s plan and purpose for their lives, develop their own life plan with realistic goals, and learn to implement their life plan in manageable steps.

KARM’s Thrift Stores provide employment, donation opportunities for individuals and churches, and offer gently used merchandise for sale throughout our area. Revenue from donated goods sold at the KARM Thrift Stores is used to support the services at KARM.

Twice a year, SHPC volunteers cook, set-up, and serve an evening meal to over 250 residential families and homeless in our community.

For more information about KARM visit: www.karm.org


Jim’s (Jesus Is My Savior) Ministries

Jim’s Ministries serves hot meals, offers times of fellowship, prayer, and witness, and contributes community time to people in need in the Maryville Community.  Volunteers meet on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Eagles Crossing Apartments on Old Maryville Pike to serve dinner.  Volunteers are also needed to unload food trucks at Beech Grove Baptist Church in Maryville  on May 2nd and September 12th.  Please check back for periodic updates.


Knoxville Leadership Foundation

The Knoxville Leadership Foundation brings together people from all walks of life to address the needs of our city.  They target five specific areas of need: homes for the working poor, home repair for those who can’t afford it, help for non-profit groups, mentoring for children with parents in prison, and an abstinence program to help prevent teenage pregnancy. Operation Back Yard is part of this foundation.  Operation Backyard provides free home repair services for low-income homeowners. Work is provided by youth teams with adult supervision, so everyone benefits. Homeowners with limited income receive much-needed home repairs. Volunteers experience the reward of helping those less fortunate than themselves, and find they have been ministered to as well. The entire community grows closer and stronger in the process.  During the summer, SHPC youth have participated in projects such as house painting and power washing, building wheelchair ramps, and yard clean-up for OBY families.  Please check back for periodic updates.

For more information about Knoxville Leadership Foundation visit: www.klf.org

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Living Waters of the World

Living Waters of the World, a mission resource of the Synod of Living Waters of the Presbyterian Church (USA), trains and equips mission teams to share the gift of clean, sustainable water with communities in need.  The SHPC “Living Waters of The World” team (J Corbitt, Michael Ayres, Patricia Long, Wade Lovin, Justin Martin, Carter Schmid and Tommy Schmid) has been hard at work on the installation of the first two water purification systems in a remote area near Tazewell.  To date, two families are able to have clean and safe water!  Please check back for periodic updates.


SHPC Mission Trips

SHPC Mission Trips are scheduled as needed.  A yearly medical mission trip to Haiti occurs in February, where participants as well as pill counters prior to the departure of the trip are needed.  Past trips have included day trips to outlying counties to install clean water systems, work trips to Mexico, and various trips in TN. through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) which is the emergency and refugee program of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  PDA  enables congregations and mission partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crisis and catastrophic events.  The focus is on the long term recovery of disaster impacted communities and provides training and disaster preparedness for presbyteries and synods.

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Pond Gap Elementary School

SHPC is in partnership with Pond Gap Elementary School. Various mission opportunities are available depending on the needs of the school and the students. Current and past opportunities include:

Sponsoring/Tutoring of students

Providing food items for Second Harvest’s Backpacks for students program, backpacks are stuffed on Thursdays

Sam Fowler Blitz Day – Working on the grounds of Pond Gap School

Book Drive – organizing, wrapping the books, and distrubting them to the children

Bargains & BBQ: An event to provide bargains to Pond Gap families at low cost, raise money for the principal’s discretionary fund, and as an outreach opportunity for the church.


Rose’s Creek

Members and groups of SHPC adopt 30 families each year from Roses Creek, a Land Trust Community in Coalfield, TN.  You or a Bible Study group, Sunday school class, or small group can choose from a single adult, a small family or a large family with several children. Gifts must be wrapped, tagged by individual and family, and delivered to the church no later than December 14.  Or you can donate $25 for a country ham to be purchased for each family.  Please contact Margaret Ritchie at 567-2636 or mmr@rddlawfirm.com

Volunteers will be needed to as a liaison between SHPC and Rose’s Creek community in Appalachia, organize food and clothing drives, collect Christmas gifts, and coordinate delivery of donations.


University of Tennessee Presbyterian Center

Their hope is to encourage students to grow in the knowledge of God’s love in Jesus Christ, experience God’s call in their lives, and learn to share God’s love with the world around them.  SHPC volunteers can be involved in spring work days at the center (landscaping, cleaning, and painting), and /or providing meals or snack food for students at the center.

For more information visit: www.pcmutk.org


Urban YoungLife

Urban Young Life has been doing ministry with teen moms at Austin East High School.  The girls can earn baby bucks and visit the sponsored Young Lives store to purchase items needed for their babies, such as diapers, bottles, baby wipes, clothes, diaper bags, toys, etc.  This ministry also provides a meal once a week and on the last Thursday of each month, small groups and Bible Studies, as well as one-on-one mentors with each teen mom.  Volunteers are needed to provide meals, serve as mentors, and to provide childcare during the monthly out-of-school meeting with the girls.  Please check back for periodic updates.


Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC)

VMC is a non-profit, interfaith agency serving the poor and homeless of Knoxville. Their mission is to facilitate permanent supportive housing for those who are homeless and to provide services to prevent homelessness.  VMC’s Bush Family Refuge serves individuals who are marginally housed and who may be at risk of losing their home. The Refuge program is dedicated to the prevention of homelessness. All volunteer work is done under the direction of a professional social worker.  VMC Resource Center provides case management and supportive services to homeless individuals to achieve housing. Meal Groups purchase, prepare, and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Volunteer opportunities include:  working as an refuge interviewer or front desk receptionist or organizing donation closet at the Bush Family Refuge; Supervise and guide use of computers for job hunting, application submissions, email, writing letters and resumes, etc. or helping with group activities such as BINGO, crafts, outings, etc. at the Resource Center; provide a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal group.

For more information about VMC visit: www.vmcinc.org


Wears Valley Ranch

Wears Valley Ranch (in Sevierville, Tennessee) provides Christian homes, education, and counseling to children in crisis situations. Their vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their potential.  Their program is Home and School for at-risk teens in the mountains.  Activities there include maintenance, light construction, painting, etc.  Their mission is to promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical development of children in need of a stronger family support system, through Christ-centered home settings.  Their methodology is to demonstrate the love of Jesus by providing Christian homes, education, and counseling to children from families  crisis and by providing a Christian camp and retreat experience for people from all walks of life. •Their vision is to see every person inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach his or her full potential.  Please check back for periodic updates.

For more information: www.wvr.org


* * *

Here are some opportunities to help local ministries during the Holiday season:


FISH CHRISTMAS CARDS are available in the church office.  For a donation of $5 you can feed a family of 4 for almost 3 days; for $10 you can feed two families. Please contact Sally Cleveland at 604-1400 or sallys5454@msn.com” data-mce-href=”mailto: sallys5454@msn.com“> sallys5454@msn.com if you would like to place a special order.


VISIT THE SOAR ANGEL TREE located in the Spitzer Education Building lobby.  If you’d like to adopt a child, please take a name from the Angel Tree.  Wrapped gifts (tagged with child’s name) should be returned no later than December 16.



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