Some programs, events, and locations may be different due to COVID-19 precautions.

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Indoor Meetings

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 5, 2020, SHPC committees/groups may meet in either the Fowler Conference Room or the Reception Room under the following conditions: groups must be less than 10 people, all participants must socially distance, wear a mask, and bring their own materials (including Bibles), and no food or drink served. 

Outdoor Meetings

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 13, 2020, SHPC committees/groups may meet outdoors under the following conditions:  all participants bring their own chairs and social distance, groups under 10 are encouraged to wear a mask, groups of 11-25 are required to wear a mask, and groups over 25 should continue to meet online at this time.

The Building & Grounds Committee of SHPC appreciates your interest in using our church and wants to share the gift of our church facility to members and the community whenever possible. The session-approved procedures and guidelines for using the facility take many factors into consideration including providing a safe environment and being good stewards of all with which God has blessed us. Please take a moment to read our “Procedures, Charges, and Guidelines” policy below for more information.

Note: Due to the pandemic, the Church Health Task Force has closed the building for general use until further notice.