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By the grace and love of Christ, we are a gathering of broken people seeking to know, glorify, and serve God together. Whether you’re new to or skeptical about faith, new to town or a lifelong Knoxvillian, we welcome you. We hope you’ll learn more about us on this website, but we hope more that you’ll learn about Jesus here. Join us!

Sermon Series

Stumbling: Good News for the Messy Walk of Faith | August 14 through September 25, 2022

Have you ever thought “doubt” was a bad word? Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking doubt is the opposite of faith. If there’s even the slightest doubt in my heart, we might think, then my entire faith is compromised. Have you ever felt that way?

News flash for us: we’re all in the same boat. Doubt is not the opposite of faith, it is a part of faith. Faith means that we’re willing to grapple and question and doubt, knowing that the answers may not come quickly.

In worship over the next couple of months, we’ll explore the good news of a messy faith, a faith that trips and stumbles over doubts and questions. We do this individually; we do this as a church: just stumbling forward, crying, “We believe; help our unbelief!” And the good news is that Christ is alongside us with a healing hand.

Don’t seek out the easy answers just to avoid the tough questions. Don’t sweep your doubts and questions under the rug, thinking they’ll resolve themselves. Let’s stumble together on the messy walk of faith.


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