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Inwardly Strong
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By the grace and love of Christ, we are a gathering of broken people seeking to know, glorify, and serve God together. Whether you’re new to or skeptical about faith, new to town or a lifelong Knoxvillian, we welcome you. We hope you’ll learn more about us on this website, but we hope more that you’ll learn about Jesus here. Join us!

Sermon Series

October 10 – November 21

Rediscover Church: Marks of Faith from the Early Church

Imagine for a second someone asking you, “Teach me church.”

That’s about the situation that faced the first generation of Christians. Jesus had risen; Jesus had ascended; and the Spirit had come on Pentecost. But then what? What were they to do with this message, this good news, that had been entrusted to them?

There was a lot of trial and error, but the shape of those early weeks, months, and years of the church still have a lot to teach us today.

How does the Church then speak to the Church now? How is God leading us as a church to gather our resources, our time, our talents for the shared work of ministry?

Join us and find out!



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THE HEALTH & WHOLENESS COMMITTEE invites you to their Focus on Health program, “Calming the Storm Within,” with Lisa Oglesby on October 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. A boxed dinner will be provided. Register by Monday, October 18, at 522-9804.
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PRESBYTERIAN DISASTER ASSISTANCE  Give. Act. Pray. Click HERE for more information on how you can help.

REGISTER FOR THE CAMPING TRIP (October 28 – November 1) using the button below. Click HERE for the brochure. 
WEDNESDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP (WNF): the Committee prayerfully decided to suspend dinners indefinitely.


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