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By the grace and love of Christ, we are a gathering of broken people seeking to know, glorify, and serve God together. Whether you’re new to or skeptical about faith, new to town or a lifelong Knoxvillian, we welcome you. We hope you’ll learn more about us on this website, but we hope more that you’ll learn about Jesus here. Join us!

Sermon Series

Teach Us to Pray: Psalms of Prayer | June 5 – June 26, 2022

What is prayer? It seems an obvious question, but if someone asked you, what would you say?

Prayer to the onlooker might not look all that interesting. To the skeptic, prayer might not look like much more than odd mumblings at the bedside. And yet it is a crucial part of a life seeking the Lord and a sign of his grace that he invites us into that conversation.

Prayer as a practice and discipline brings us back to a place of communion and conversation with God, seeking his guidance over our own, seeking his comfort over our own. Praying often, individually and in community, reminds us that this whole faith thing isn’t just a matter of self-motivation and ability. It reminds us that we are dependent on the Lord who guides, inspires, and empowers our steps.

It can also be one of those practices that can flummox us: either because it’s something we feel we can easily drop or something we feel we don’t even know how to do. As it turns out, the disciples felt the same way, and one day they came to Jesus with that very petition: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

Fortunately, we’ve got help. Not only did Jesus teach his disciples, as he teaches us. We’re also blessed by a tremendous prayer book in the Book of Psalms. Join us this month as we look at both how Christ teaches us to pray and how the psalms guide us to pray.


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