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Sinclair Charles Copenhaver, daughter of Chad and Natalie Copenhaver, on Sunday, June 12.

Ellis Monroe Broome, daughter of John and Ann Louise (Ellis) Broome, on Sunday, May 8.

James Marvin Hatfield IV and Fiona Charlotte Hatfield, children of Jim and Christine (Lauro) Hatfield, on Sunday, April 24.

Caroline Knight Haun, daughter of Chris Haun and Lauren Haun, on Sunday, April 24.

Jack Carter on Sunday, April 10.

Caroline Dye on Sunday, April 10.

Grayson Brandon Fox and Hudson Andrew Fox, children of Brad and Lynlee (Wolfe) Fox, on Sunday, March 20.

Blair Emeline Roach, daughter of Bill and Abby (Corbitt) Roach, Jr., on Sunday, March 6.


New Members

Jane Townsend Moyer on Sunday, April 24

Brian and Stephanie Wetherington on Sunday, April 24

John and Ashlyn Haupt on Sunday, April 24

2022 Confirmation class: Murphy Diddle, Liam Doiron, Caroline Dye, Jeb Lee, Khaki Moncier, Jack Osborne, Kirby Osborne, Sam Osborne, and Parker Sayle on Thursday, March 24; Jack Carter, Fulton Congleton, and Evan Fields on Sunday, March 27.

Morrow and Lake Bailey on Sunday, February 13

Jason Fogle on Sunday, January 30

Grace Ewell on Sunday, January 30

Margaret Rodgers on Sunday, January 23



Lisa Oglesby and Grey Steed on Thursday, March 17, 2022




Scott Broady on Monday, June 13

Sue Howard on Thursday, June 9

Greta Gourley on Monday, May 23

Allie Harmon on Sunday, May 22

Phyllis Marks on Tuesday, May 3

Gene Baker on Sunday, April 17

Sam Beall on Friday, April 8

Bobbye Dyslin on Friday, Apri 8

Judy Morton on Friday, April 1

Linda Gardner on Wednesday, March 16

Brown Ayres on Friday, January 21

Myron Ely on Monday, January 3