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Hudson Andrew Fox, son of Brad Fox and Lynlee Wolfe, on Thursday, December 30.

Fiona Charlotte Hatfield, daugher of Christine (Lauro) and Jim Hatfield, on Monday, December 20.

Ellis Monroe Broome, daughter of John and Ann Louise (Ellis) Broome, on Monday, October 25.

Vera Ann Smith, daughter of Dean and Catherine Smith, on Sunday, October 24.

Jack Matthew Berger, son of Matt and Alice (Mayo) Berger, on Friday, October 8.

Sinclair Charles Copenhaver, daughter of Chad and Natalie Copenhaver, on Tuesday, September 28.

Lochlan Thomas Frye, son of Gib and Katie (Mayfield) Frye, on Monday, August 2.

Hollis Elizabeth Ammons, daughter of Franklin and Lauren (Shepherd) Ammons, on Tuesday, August 24.

Noah Hays Culvern, son of Chris and Katie (Hays) Culvern, on Tuesday, July 6.

Joseph Bomar McCallie, son of Cross and Annie McCallie, on Thursday, May 6.

Jake Connor Simmons, son of Jordan and Laura (Stair) Simmons, on Tuesday, April 19.

Miles Townsend Lee, son of Parker and Emma Lee, on Friday, March 19.

Blair Emeline Roach, daughter of Bill and Abby (Corbitt) Roach, on Saturday, March 6.

Millie Barron Linley Cleveland, daughter of Tee and Victoria Cleveland, on Monday, March 1.

Mary Collins Hays, daughter of Marty and Danielle Hays, on Wednesday, February 3.




Jake Connor Simmons, son of Jordan and Laura (Stair) Simmons, on Sunday, November 28.

David Franklin Edwards, son of Jonathan and Juliana Edwards, on Sunday, November 21.

Noah Hays Culvern, son of Chris and Katie (Hays) Culvern, on Sunday, October 17.

William Walker Hullander and Colton Bowman Hullander, sons of Jackson and Emily (Culvern) Hullander, on Sunday, October 17.

Miles Townsend Lee, son of Emma and Parker Lee, on Sunday, June 27.

Annalee Rose Hamilton, daughter of Zach and Amy Hamilton, on Sunday, May 30.

Thomas Hering Howell, son of Frances and Jay Howell, on Sunday, May 23.

Heyward Alexander Wilson, son of Alex and Madden (Hogan) Wilson, on Sunday, April 18.

Henry Robert (Hank) Hamilton, son of Lucas and Caroline (Broome) Hamilton, on Sunday, March 21

Eleanor Ann Heins and Cal McClain Heins, children of Jake and Whitney Heins, on Sunday, February 21

Gibson Graham Frye, son of Gib and Katie (Mayfield) Frye, on Sunday, February 14


Anna Katherine Kerlin and Brooks Lancaster on Saturday, December 18, 2021

Michael Glover and Agne Rodzeviciute on Saturday, April 10, 2021

Haley Ellis and Daniel Adams on Saturday, March 13, 2021

Katie Hays and Chris Culvern on Friday, July 3, 2020

Bill Roach, Jr. and Abby Corbitt on Saturday, June 6, 2020

William Ewell and Grace Malone on Saturday, May 16, 2020

New Members

Debbie Whelan on Sunday, November 21

Grey Steed on Sunday, November 21

Florence McNabb on Sunday, November 21

Travis and Erica Henegar on Sunday, November 21

Jonathan Dale on Suunday, November 21

Benjamin and Rebecca Carey on Sunday, November 21

LeRoy and Julie Bible on Sunday, September 26

Kenton and Madi Gullion on Sunday, September 26

Christopher Culvern on Sunday, May 23

Jackson and Emily Hullander on Sunday, May 23

Brett and Laura Thomason on Sunday, May 23

Anessa Kincaid on Sunday, May 23

2021 Confirmation Class: Ian Anderson, Ava Beilharz, Jones Bollig, Mary Helen Brabham, Parker Cooley, Joe Dupree, Bailey Fortner, Ayden Frazier, Alex Gilmer, Charlie Hairrell, Eliza Lindsay, Juliana Moffat, Thomas Moffat, Chilton Myers

Richie and Mandy Brabham on Sunday, February 21.



Myron Ely on Monday, January 3.

Shirley Hendrix on Friday, December 31.

Aurelia Biggs on Wednesday, November 24.

Betty Benson on Saturday, November 6

Donna Stevens on Friday, August 20

Bobbie Congleton on Thursday, August 19

Shirley Morrison on Friday, August 13

Joe Reed on Friday, July 30

Joe Jursa on Friday, July 23

Michele Jenkins on Monday, June 14

Debra Warren on Monday, May 24

Tom Harper on Sunday, May 16

Mindy Blue on Sunday, April 4

Steve Wilson on Wednesday, March 3

Whitney Dunford on Sunday, February 21

Don Hasson on Monday, February 15

David Baker on Wednesday, January 27

Cathryn (Angel) Angel on Thursday, January 7