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Edith Locke (Edie) Ammons, daughter of Franklin and Lauren (Shepherd) Ammons, on March 27 

Maggie June Bowman, daughter of Matt and Lauren Bowman, on March 9

Christopher (Chip) Brett Thomason, Jr., son of Brett and Laura Thomason, on Februrary 23

William Allen (Tripp) Roach III, son of Bill and Abby (Corbitt) Roach, on January 16


William Tyler Berry, son of Davis and Mary Emily Berry, on December 19

Elliot Jaquith, son of Bradley Jaquith and Margaret Beaudrot, on December 12

Lucille Lindsey Roach, daughter of Wes and Sarah Roach, on September 6

McCarter Phillips (Mac) Wansley, son of Mac and Courtney Wansley, on September 5

Lilly Augusta Howell, daughter of Jay and Frances Howell, on August 29

Carole Reeves (Calli) Jenkins, daughter of John Barry and Cody (Taylor) Jenkins, on July 24

Riley Kathleen Congleton, daughter of Yates and Erin Congleton, on July 20

Millie Mashburn, daughter of Ethan and Claire (Coffey) Mashburn, on April 18

Kathryn (Kate) Gaines Dilworth, daughter of Evan and Laura Dilworth, on March 29

Jeremiah Lee Culvern, son of Chris and Katie (Hays) Culvern, on March 21


Evelyn Jane Carey, daughter of Ben and Rebecca Carey, on Friday, December 23

Molly Blake Wilson, daughter of Alex and Madden (Hogan) Wilson, on Friday, December 16

Roman Charles Tombras, son of Dooley and Kyri Tombras, on Friday, December 2

James Curlin Dolinak, son of Jim and Kelsey Dolinak, on Monday, July 25

Emma June Rawlins, daughter of Andy and Ali (Gilbertson) Rawlins, on Saturday, July 16



McCarter Phillips (Mac) Wansley, son of Mac and Courtney Wansley, on Sunday, May 12.

Lilly Augusta Howell, son of Jay and Frances Howell, on Sunday, February 25.

Harrison James McBride and Charlotte Grace McBride, children of Jon and Liz McBride, on Sunday, February 18.


Millie Emerson Mashburn, daughter of Ethan and Claire (Coffey) Mashburn, on Sunday, October 22.

Lila Melson, daughter of Tara Sturdivant and Jerome Melson, on Sunday, October 15.

Mary Barclay Smith and James Heyward Smith, children of Daniel and Emily Smith, on Sunday, September 17.

James Curlin Dolinak, son of Jim and Kelsey Dolinak, on Sunday, July 23.

Jeremiah Lee Culvern, son of Chris and Katie (Hays) Culvern, on Sunday, June 25.

Molly Blake Wilson, daughter of Alex and Madden (Hogan) Wilson, on Sunday, June 18.

Lottie Brooks Bowman, daughter of Matt and Lauren Bowman, on Sunday, June 11.

Annie Baker Schmid, daughter of Carter and Stephanie Schmid, on Sunday, April 30.

Rex Dooley Tombras and Roman Charles Tombras, children of Dooley and Kyri Tombras, on Sunday, March 12.

Henry Alan Biggs, son of Miles and Rachel (White) Biggs, on Sunday, February 26


Paris Cashmere Fine, whose guardians are Janie and Turner Howard, on Sunday, October 23.

Emma June Rawlins, daughter of Andy and Ali (Gilbertson) Rawlins, on Sunday, October 16.

Margaret Scott Holman, daughter of Scott and Beth Holman, on Sunday, September 18.

Vera Ann Smith, daughter of Dean and Catherine Smith, on Sunday, August 28.

Piper Kay Coffey, daughter of Clark and Katie Coffey, on Sunday, August 21.

Elise Noelle Amick and Dorian Axel Amick, children of Hailey and Scott Amick, on Sunday, July 10.

Sinclair Charles Copenhaver, daughter of Chad and Natalie Copenhaver, on Sunday, June 12.

Ellis Monroe Broome, daughter of John and Ann Louise (Ellis) Broome, on Sunday, May 8.

James Marvin Hatfield IV and Fiona Charlotte Hatfield, children of Jim and Christine (Lauro) Hatfield, on Sunday, April 24.

Caroline Knight Haun, daughter of Chris Haun and Lauren Haun, on Sunday, April 24.

Jack Carter on Sunday, April 10.

Caroline Dye on Sunday, April 10.

Grayson Brandon Fox and Hudson Andrew Fox, children of Brad and Lynlee (Wolfe) Fox, on Sunday, March 20.

Blair Emeline Roach, daughter of Bill and Abby (Corbitt) Roach, Jr., on Sunday, March 6.


New Members

2024 Confirmation Class: Anna Benko, Edward Brabham IV, Emory Carter, Caroline Copenhaver, Chloe Dye, Jackson Dye, Mac Kuester, Charlotte LeRoy, Alex Lindsay, Madeleine Martin, Lila Melson, Quinn Saunders, and Caroline White on Thursday, March 21; Weston Daniel, Anna Elizabeth Doiron, Emma Katherine Doiron, and Owen Sayle on Sunday, March 24

Jessica Brinkley on Sunday, December 10

David and Mary Emily Berry on Sunday, December 10

Chris and Rachel Hill on Sunday, December 10

Will Sterchi on Sunday, December 10

Joseph and Mary Walsh on Sunday, December 10

Mark and Cathy Layne on Sunday, September 17

2023 Confirmation class: Elsa Anderson, Frances Bagley, Juliet Biden, Ethan Fortner, Ella Gilmer, Jacob King, Harper Morris, and Ada Riestenberg on Thursday, March 23.

Andrew and Carol Seamons on Sunday, March 5

Matt and Lauren Bowman on Sunday, February 5

Lynn Caruthers on Sunday, February 5

Evan and Laura Dilworth on Sunday, February 5

Jon and Liz McBride on Sunday, February 5

Alex and Blanche Nicoll on Sunday, February 5

Corey and Andrea Tyree on Sunday, February 5

Elizabeth Haupt on Sunday, November 6


Kyri and Dooley Tombras on Sunday, November 6

Jack Yardley on Sunday, November 6

Diane Clark on Sunday, September 11

Jack Francis on Sunday, September 11

Kim and David Hutchins on Sunday, September 11

Jane Townsend Moyer on Sunday, April 24

Brian and Stephanie Wetherington on Sunday, April 24

John and Ashlyn Haupt on Sunday, April 24

2022 Confirmation class: Murphy Diddle, Liam Doiron, Caroline Dye, Jeb Lee, Khaki Moncier, Jack Osborne, Kirby Osborne, Sam Osborne, and Parker Sayle on Thursday, March 24; Jack Carter, Fulton Congleton, and Evan Fields on Sunday, March 27.

Morrow and Lake Bailey on Sunday, February 13

Jason Fogle on Sunday, January 30

Grace Ewell on Sunday, January 30

Margaret Rodgers on Sunday, January 23



Greer Wardell and Grace Haub on Saturday, November 11, 2023

Tyler Ensley and Emily Jones on Saturday, September 9, 2023

Hunter Harrison and Molly Cronin on Saturday, May 6, 2023

Brooke Ellis and Carson Thomas on Saturday, October 8, 2022

Lisa Oglesby and Grey Steed on Thursday, March 17, 2022




Merrill White | May 8

Rex Roush | April 20


Ms. Margaret Rodgers | December 23

Retta Ellis | December 21

Ashley Stamper | December 8

Swann Jaffurs | November 16

Jane Bailey | August 24

Ward Whitfield | August 23

Pat Christenberry | August 9

Felicia Davis | August 2

Audrey Sorber | May 20

Bobbie Campbell | March 18

Jimmie Patteson | March 11

Sarah Shanks |  January 29

JoAnn Fowler |  January 15


Jack Brakebill | Monday, November 21

Julie Webb | Wednesday, November 2

Anne Killefer | Friday, October 28

Bob Adkinson | Tuesday, October 11

Celia McCullough | Sunday, July 31

Jane Giesler | Sunday, July 24

Scott Broady | Monday, June 13

Sue Howard | Thursday, June 9

Greta Gourley | Monday, May 23

Allie Harmon | Sunday, May 22

Phyllis Marks | Tuesday, May 3

Gene Baker | Sunday, April 17

Sam Beall | Friday, April 8

Bobbye Dyslin | Friday, Apri 8

Judy Morton | Friday, April 1

Linda Gardner | Wednesday, March 16

Brown Ayres | Friday, January 21

Myron Ely | Monday, January 3