Our Pastors

Our Pastors


Contact: 522-9804, ext 114 (jhowell@sequoyahchurch.org)

Jay is a native Tennessean, born in Memphis and raised in Nashville. Though he grew up in the church, it was in high school when faith came alive for him, and in no small part due to the youth ministry of First Presbyterian Church, Nashville. Though he wouldn’t realize it then, Jay can see now the seeds God was sowing in him for ministry.

Jay and Frances met while they were students at the University of Georgia, though it would be years later when they reconnected. Frances was born and raised in Thomasville, GA, and was a member of First Presbyterian Church.

During college Jay began to feel some stirrings toward seminary. After some time living abroad and traveling in Latin America, he enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary. There, God affirmed with clarity that he belonged in the church as a pastor.

After graduation, Jay was called as Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Mission at Germantown Presbyterian Church in Germantown, TN, where he has served since 2012. During his tenure there, he completed his doctorate at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

While at Germantown, Jay reconnected with Frances. Since college and graduate school, she had moved back to Thomasville, teaching high school English and serving on a PNC herself at her church. It was because of a missionary, whom both their congregations supported, that their paths came together again. After a spell of long-distance dating and a move to Memphis, Frances said “yes” when Jay asked her to marry him. God blessed them with their first child Jack at the end of November 2017.

The Lord has blessed the Howells greatly, and they hope to live into the grace He has shown them in seeking to serve Him and His church faithfully at SHPC.


Contact: 522-9804, ext 113 (mlampley@sequoyahchurch.org)

Mark Lampley was born and raised in North Carolina by long time, faith-filled Presbyterians.  He was blessed to be a part of an extended family that was Christian and a loving family of faith at Shelby Presbyterian located in western NC.  Born to Dr. Charlie Lampley and Mabel Baird, he was baptized as an infant by Rev. George Webb and became Confirmed as a teenager. He and his elder brother, Chuck, fully participated in sports of all kinds, and enjoyed family trips to hike, ski, camp, and explore throughout the country.  Participating in school and youth group leadership opportunities and becoming an Eagle Scout shaped and equipped him, by God’s grace, to graduate from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC….


Contact: 522-9804, ext 123 (rhamburger@sequoyahchurch.org)

Rachel was born in Philadelphia, PA on February 21, 1961, and grew up in New Jersey, Southern California, and Germany.  Her parents live in California in a wonderful community for retired Presbyterian pastors and missionaries.  Rachel’s friends, many of them long-time, are treasured parts of her “family.”  She also has dear extended family in Germany.

In her spare time, Rachel is usually found drinking coffee with friends, corresponding with long-distance family or friends, reading, listening to music, taking walks or hikes, or getting exercise at the gym.  On her “bucket list” is learning how to fly fish!  She is happiest when she is under the shade of a big tree, or with her feet in a river.